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Sidewall Insulation

When re-insulating sidewalls in a home cellulose insulation is "dense packed"
to a 3 pound per foot density, giving you a higher R-value than fiberglass batts.

Preparing The Home ~ Click for larger image
Preparing Home
Installing Cellulose ~ Click for larger image
Installing Cellulose
Re-attaching Siding ~ Click for larger image
Re-attaching Siding

Dense packed cellulose is very effective at stopping air infiltration through walls. Dense packing sidewalls provides your home with greater comfort by eliminating drafty walls, increased energy efficiency and reduced moisture transfer to the wall cavity.

Stucco homes may also have sidewalls insulated by drilling through the stucco and patching holes after the work is completed or from the interior walls.

Stucco House Before We Started Working ~ Click for larger image
Before Work
Holes Are Drilled And Ready To Be Blown ~ Click for larger image
Holes On Stucco House Being Patched With Stucco Mix Dyed To Match ~ Click for larger image
Stucco House After Insulation Has Been Blown And All Holes Are Patched ~ Click for larger image
Stucco Match Finished
Stucco Home That Was Insulated From The Outside ~ Patches Blend In With The Original Stucco And Can Barely Be Seen ~ Click for larger image
Patches Blend
Stucco Home That We Insulated From The Outside ~ Patches Are Not Noticeable From The Street ~ Click for larger image
Patches Are
Not Noticeable

The Benefits of Cellulose Insulation for Existing Homes

Whether your home was built a century ago or just completed, it's probably not too late for you and your family to enjoy the benefits of cellulose insulation! A simple, quick inspection by a Houle Insulation professional is all that is needed.

Siding Is Carefully Removed ~ Holes Are Drilled ~ Cellulose Is Blown In ~ Siding Is Replaced ~ Click for larger image
Removing Siding Drilling Holes Blowing Cellulose Replacing Siding

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